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Re: carrier bearing?

Originally posted by rgp123
I have a little vibration in my 240 around 35 mph (no tach) in 4th and 20 mph in 3rd. Larry Bible's suggestion about two flat washers under one side of the carrier support made very little difference for me but you might give it a try unless your bearing and support are new as well. I believe replacing all mounts next will fix my "buzz." I know what you mean about the mirrors!
Bearing, support and all mounts are new. Buzz is bad but not as bad as it was.

FWIWNo tool is required on the 123.193 (wagon) with the OM617.952 engine and two engine shocks. The tool is only used to correctly torque the fasteners holding the rubber part of the front engine stop on non-turbo models (some 123s and all 115 chassis).
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