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Darn fine car!

In the next 30K miles, in addition to the normal service youíll need brakes, and eventually an exhaust system (stated to be good for about 100K +/- 20K miles), A/C maintenance, motor mounts (somewhere around 100-120K), and a few other odds and ends. If the car has been driven mostly hiway, itíll need a *lot* less maintenance than if itís been used mostly in town. As Iím sure you know, the 300e is one of the most enjoyable cars made! You can expect to pay between 1K and 4K per year for maintenance. If you are concerned you might look into a warranty for the car that will cover the big ticket items. Sooner or later everything needs to be fixed. With a MB most items come later. I bought one for my 400e from a company called Wynnís. It provides 4 years/48K miles of coverage on major items plus the electric systems.


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