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Originally posted by westkill
[B.... Use a spring loaded toggle and only hit it (hold it on) when you need it. Just a thought.... Mike [/B]
Thats my plan. I purchased from a good mom and pop hardware store switches designed for power saws. These have a lock mechanisim that must be pressed before you can throw the switch. I bought this type so me or no one else can accidently hit the LP booste. I was thinking of attaching it to the gear shift. Its a trigger. You push to ulock with your thumb then you squeeze the trigger.

the kit parts I got including switches that you mount somewhere on the gas pedal assembly simular to an electric/mechanical passing gear switch on the pedal arm. His intent was that when you punch the fuel pedal it would trigger booste.

Last I talked to him he had just installed two such switches on the pedal and two inject systems in his; new to him, old diesel truck. First switch comes on sooner in the path of the pedal for smallll boost and then a second one for more LP when he punched the throttle to the floor. On a long trip pulling a boat he was very satisfied with the results.
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