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Whenever it rains or is humid my car smells kind of musty and stale, like breath. Not bad breath, just a someone-standing-very-close-to-me-and-I-can-smell-him sort of breath.

I have removed the front and rear mats, as well as the front carpets over the metal floors, and washed them with Arm & Hammer laundry detergent which left them smelling clean and fresh. I have not yet put them back in the car.

I have swept and vacuumed the bare floors and rear carpet, and sprasyed with Lysol, but there is that lingering musty odor.

The A/C is off so I don't think it can be coming from there -- or can it? I have also removed and sniffed the rear seat but there is no smell there either.

Where else should I be looking?

Eric Silver
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