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no idea I just need to know whats up. they claim the front pump in the trans failed. They say they can't get to it so tranny needs to be opened and basically rebuilt, so they suggested a new (remanufactured) tranny, and said they wont know if the torque converter is shot until they pull the tranny, and if the torque converter is shot its an extra 3k plus.

So basically, he has no problem paying for the replacing of the tranny, but the extra expense of the torque converter makes it hard for him to agree with the diagnosis.

It makes no sense to me. In fact when he pulled in the driveway and stopped, put the car in park, the car was sounding normal and quite, then after like 30 seconds I suddenly heard what appeared to me as a low powersteering fluid level sound, the whining in the steering, which could have been the steering, or maybe it was his AC clicking on as he always has it running on Auto.

he was on the phone at the time, and had just pulled in and stopped the car and had it running while he was still on the phone.

i told him get the car looked at, it sounds like the power steering pump is making noise (he has had probs with power steering pump before...).

He got out, listened then shut off car and that was the end of it.

So now I need to know what I should do here, and what you guys think the problem is, what the symptoms sound like, what the costs sound like, and how something like this can fail, and ultimately is the dealership full of it.



hoping I don't have to raise some hell with MBUSA/the dealership...
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