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Since we're now talking repair history.

I've had to do the head because it corroded through due to lack of cooling system maintenance of previous owner(after all I can't take all the blame) This cost about $600 for headwork and gasket set. I also replaced the drive belt at the time.

I replaced the pushbutton control unit, a little over $200.

When I got the car (at about 80,000 miles) it had a warped rotor. I replaced the two front rotors, I consider this repair rather than normal maintenance.

I did not go out and look in the log book before writing this, but I'm pretty sure this is the only corrective maintenance that I've done on the car, it now has 183,000 miles. Everything else has been normal maintenance such as oil changes, filter changes, brake pads, tires, shocks, etc.

I hesitated to write this, because I'm afraid my luck will change and the air conditioner will give up this spring. I have been very lucky with the a/c, I have read all the 124 a/c horror stories on this board, and worry every time I turn it on.

Have a great day,
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