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I rebuilding the rear (all new bearings, races, clips, spacers [same old gears]) and I have some concerns with the factory manual with respect to the PINION DOUBLE HEX NUT torque specs:

One section says torque to at least 180nm. To me this seems excessive particularly when being careful in preloading the pinion bearings with torque to press down the crush sleeve to the right length. I thought around 50 ft lbs would get me in the ball park with the pinion so I could then shim the carrier to get the right backlash. What's the story?

{I have experience with 944 tranaxles but dont have extensive collections of dial indicators , as i use blue layout fluid to check backlash}

Patrick Leber
84 MB 190E 2.3 auto
83 Porsche 944 (track car)
84 Porsche 944 (parts car, guardrail casualty)
85.5 Porsche 944 (sled)
Patrick Leber
'84 190E 2.3
'83 Porsche 944 (track car)
'84 Porsche 944 (parts car)
85.5 Porsche 944 (sled)
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