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Questions about cylinder head/head gasket replacement on a 1987 300TD?

I'm new to owning a Mercedes Benz diesel, and I was wondering how hard is it to replace a head gasket on a 1987 300TD? How long will it take? Are there any special tools required? Are there any things to watch out for?

Background: The mechanic I have taken the 300TD to for inspection says it needs a new head head gasket because it is leaking oil from around the head bolts. I have replaced intake manifold gaskets on my previously owned Ford Mustang before, and I have helped my brother change out his head gasket on his BMW 2002 so I was wondering if how if it was possible to change out a head gasket myself on the 300TD. I have also done other work on suspension and brake parts on various other vehicles but never a head gasket. The only other factor that might influence me is the fact that I don't have a garage so everything will be done in the driveway.

Lastly, how bad is head cracking issue with the OM603 heads? The head on the 300TD is the old "14" casting and I was wondering if it is worth updating to a newer improved head if the old head has no cracks?

Thanks in advance.

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