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Not sure if you've read some of my resent posts but my 603 is leaking oil too and it appears to me to be comming from the rear passengers side of the head and drools down the side of the block. I loose about a quart every 100 miles and my driveway is a mess!

The cross over Sixto is talking about is not where the source of my leak is, but could be yours.

The cracks that you have heard about that some of the 603's heads suffered form as tiny hairline cracks between the valve seats and the injection ports, only about a 1/4" long.

The other problem the heads (all) suffer is corrosion pitting caused from not using MB antifreeze. Some pits can be as large as a quarter and 1/2" deep.

A new replacement head will run you about $1,900 and that does not include valves or much of anything! I stopped inquiring when I discovered what just the head alone cost and can only immagine another grand to have a complete new head. You can buy a whole other car for that money, or buy another engine with lower miles for $2,500 with the "15" upgraded head. There scarce, but if you look long and hard enough, they are available.

I doubt you have such a problem, cracks that is!

I'm going to include new head bolts when I do my head gasket. Use a cable tie to tie together your chain and cam sprocket together before sliding the sprocket of the cam. The chain wont loose it's place that way!

Anyway, good luck and keep us posted.
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