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"17 01" heads are the first known "fixed" heads.

I don't think the oil around the head bolts is the head bolts leaking oil, more likely what sixto already suggested, its leaking out of the intake manifold. Many do that. If you have the original paper gasket, change it for a newer one. If that one leaks, then you can make sure the bolts are tight, seal it with RTV, or just pressure wash your engine from time to time.

There is a main oil line between the block and head in the rear passenger side. My first 603 engine had a leak there too. The other common leak is the front of the passenger side. At 100 miles/qt you may want to pull the head have it pressure tested and lay down another gasket. Or just live with it. Oil is cheap relative to pulling the head.

I've pulled 2 60x heads and almost finished installing one. Only special tools that come to mind are the XZN triple square M10 driver for the head bolts & the shop manual. However, if you haven't touched the engine before there is going to be a LONG lerarning curve so just be patient and keep track of all the parts that come off. I have previously done turbos, manifolds, engine install and removal on these motors so everything was pretty straightforward.

On the issue of slide pins, the dealer has tools for it, but one can make their own with bushings, a bolt and some washers.

Non "MB specific" tools that I have include torque wrenches that can do 10 Nm, 35 Nm (for the head torque), 1/4" & 3/8" drive 5-6 mm allens of various lengths, 1/4" sockets, extensions, ratchets. Having the factory fan removal and install tools help as will an engine hoist or similar to lift the head off the car. If you want to remove the injectors to swap heads, then you'll need a socket for the injectors.

There is NO reason to change the chain at a specific mileage, especially as low as 100Kmi. Measure it and if it needs replacement (4 degrees or getting close), then change it.

Brian Toscano
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