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Just a while ago when coming in for the night, I realized I left something in the trunk and went back to get it. When turning the key to open the trunk, all the doors unlocked, then when I locked the trunk the doors locked too.

Problem is, this has never happened before; the trunk lock has never operated the doors since I have owned the car. I am very pleased but also a bit frustrated since I don't know what I did to cause this.

About a week ago my original key gave up the ghost and I got a new one, but I have only been able to open the passenger side door and the trunk, as well as turn the ignition. The driver's side lock is jammed, probably the result of my various attempts at lubricating and cleaning it when my old key started giving me trouble.

Also, I went on a crusade to remove the previous owner(s) leftover alarm and radio wiring (as you may have read in my other posts this past week) and had to re-connect wires to the vaccum pump.

So, I am wondering: Is using only the passenger door contributing to this, or did I correctly reattach vaccuum pump wiring that now enables the trunk lock to work properly?

Eric Silver
1989 260E
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