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Let me be the first to mention that you may have noticed banner ads for the new Liquivac that is now available through PartsShop. And the competition does not have it for sale. In fact, the only place that I know of to get one is PartsShop! I was probably the first member here to actually have one in their possession!

The older Topsider design, as many of us know, was bulky, hard to store, sometimes unreliable, and was much more likely to be damaged than the new one is, due to the pump sticking out of the TS at an almost 45 vertical.

In this model, the pump is in the handle, the walls of the tank are real thick, and you can store it in a space the size of the box it came in, 18"x10.5"x7".

The new Liquivac is much more elegant, easier to store, takes up less space, and is virtually indestructible. Well, if you really intended to destroy it, I'm sure you could figure out a way. :p

I love it! The first time I used it, my neighbors all wanted to know what it was, and where I got it! And when I took it to the oil recycler to be emptied, they wanted to know the same things!

And, hey, you can also use it to change transmission fluid, or siphon out fuel...
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