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Need urgent help in defining location of what I believe is a secondary rubber seal, #115 725 03 97, which, according to the parts microfiche, is fitted to all SLC (but not SL) models. I believe it is fitted inboard between the side window seal retaining rail and the roof gutter moulding/roof sheetmetal. This seal was not, (and obviously never had been), fitted to my car when I disassembled the components to replace the roof gutter mouldings.

Factory service manuals and body assembly microfiche do not help. Have asked all local experts, including M-B dealers and restorers, as well as German 107 Club. No one has yet been able to provide an answer. M-B Classic Centre advise car is "too young" for them and they have no information. Have no other factory contacts, but suspect the original vehicle drawings may be my only hope!

Has anyone ever pulled these apart and rebuilt using new parts? I have full information on all the parts as well as sketches that I can fax to explain the problem and possible options. Hope somone can assist.

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