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I think you start in the convenience tray behind the consol. Lift the carpet botton and there should be a screw near the base of the consol. Use a credit card or something like it to get under the black plastic around the shifter area. This has to come off to get the wood off. I would probably remove the ash tray if possible as I believe the front end of the odd slips in place under it. (With the parking barke engaged, and maybe one foot on the brake to be sure move the shifter all the way back to give you room to get the ashtray out). I think the wood should just lift out. Be VERY VERY CAREFUL. The wood can crack or break easily. I think that is all there is to it. I haven't done it myself, but I have read instructions on how to do it. Just to be safe do a search on this forum for other advice.

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