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Bosch Aux Fan - New Bearing/Rebuilt - 123 Body

Genuine BOSCH Auxilliary Fan

Gave up trying to find a reasonably priced auxilliary fan one day for a 300D I was working on for a customer (A/C work) and decided to take theirs apart.

What I found is that this is a simple and easily repairable pancake motor that has one shortfall.

I've now rebuilt 7 of these and I've found that the bearing they used was not sealed and most are bad.

Here's an old bearing (that's still together, unlike many I've replaced that are in pieces!) next to a new TRULY sealed bearing:

The plain bearing in the magnet housing has been good in all (doesn't have to take the torque or side loading that the main fan bearing does.) So I sourced out a supply of SEALED bearings for this application so I can rebuild the fans as they come in.

The fan I'm selling is one that I purchased at a junkyard for a customers car. It was dis-assy'd, ultrasonically cleaned, armiture polished, plain bearing lubed with hi-temp synthetic motor grease, new sealed SKF bearing installed, re-assy'd and tested. Brushes were "like-new" (not worn to stubs) and it is smooth, tight and quiet. The customer insisted on a new one. When I showed them the bill with MY pricing for the new Bosch fan I installed for him ($202 w/o the screen! That's JUST the part!), he choked, but couldn't complain.

Here's pics of the rebuild process of the fan:

Completed fan:

ASKING $50+Actual Shipping

Will rebuild yours for $25 + shipping.
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