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Re: Fans

Originally posted by jim16671836
Where is BFE(your location). What does a new fan cost...I have a number(3 and maybe more) of fans that need rebuilt...Your price is really a good deal and I will send all of the fans to you in the near future...Jim Harris
BFE= "Bum F**k Everywhere" ie; will live any old hick place, but no more cities for me (am rural, but near Boulder, CO.)

"Good" price for a new fan is $174. Dealer price is around $300.

You could also do the build yourself rather than spending the shipping $'s if you have a drill, a way to clean everything really well and a pop-rivet gun and rivets. The bearing is a 6001, but DEMAND a sealed (active rubber seal and not just a metal shield - Designation is 2RS for a double radial shield/seal.)

I can help with tips and such, but it's a straight-forward assy and job that about anyone can do. One thing to be carefull of is the dust from the brushes inside can wreak havoc on your lungs, an evac fan and a breathing mask is encouraged while dis-assy and cleaning.
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