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Need a good body shop/mechanic in SF.

Had a delivery truck back into my 400E today totally demolishing my front end.

We are talking front bumber assembly, radiator, hood, both fenders, grill,headlights, engine and transmission
both leaking. Gear selector locked up, can't get it out of park, had to call a flatbed to tow it away.

Now I need a good body/mechanic shop in SF that handles insurance claims. I think the car is totaled, but I have to get an esitmate anyway. If anyone knows a good reliable shop that they can refer that would be great.

This was my first Mercedes, I really had allot of fun with this car. Really sad to see it reduced to such a useless state by someone elses carelessness. Wife keeps telling me "Its just a car, get over it " I guess she's write.
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