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Air filter, 10mm wrench of any kind and fingers to release wire catches.

Oil filter, hands and rag to keep from burning hands. Drain oil and remove filter while hot, let the oil drain as long as practical, those last drops are the real sludge that you're trying to get out.

Drain plug, 13MM wrench (I think, I have replaced my drain plug with a magnetic plug which is 14MM)

Spark plugs, standard spark plug socket and various length 3/8" drive extensions and ratchet. These are about the easiest to replace spark plugs you will find on any car since a Chevy inline 6. Twist the spark plug boots until they are broken loose then pull. Do not pull on the wires themselves. Use silicone grease inside boots before replacing. You can get this spark plug boot release agent at the parts store when you get the plugs. Use Bosch plugs, don't use platinum, but copper core.

Good luck,
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