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I have a 92 190E 2.6 with 92k miles. The engine overheats, (goes above 90C) when the car is at a stop light. Then when the car is in motion the temp comes back to normal. While at the stop light, if I put it in park and revvup the engine the temp starts to go down to normal. A mechanic suggested that the fan clutch could be the culprit. Put a new fan clutch and still have the problem. Last week I posted this problem in the forum and a member (JDUB) suggested that I change the thermostat. I did that and the problem is still there. The water pump seems fine because I see no leaks or noise coming from there. I also flushed the radiator using a domestic water hose last week when I changed the thermostat. There is no loss of coolant anywhere either. I am kind of stumped at this point. I might also add that for the first 30 -40 minutes of driving the temp seems normal. This overheating starts only after this 30-40 minute period that too only when the car is not moving. Any ideas or insight into this problem will be greatly appreciated to say the least. Thanks
92-190E, 92K
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