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let me tell you about my car 1982 380 SEC..we bought the car in Hawaii..then 3 months later moved it to Guam (and no one there had any clue how to fix Benz cars). when the car was there we replaced the fuel hoses..fuel pump relay and the fly wheel..idle control valve..idle control relay..most of the parts came from the internet and shipped to me then we had it shipped from Guam to GA when I got the car the 2nd shipping company demolished my muffler system..they paid for some and the insurance paid the other part.

well now in the last 3 to 4 months I have 4 new tires..tie drag link..ball joints..front windshield..battery..had the gear box front calipers..pads.. brake hoses..and rotors put on the looking to put a new cadaletic converter on it in 2 weeks

OK so I bought the car in 1998 for under $6,000 and can deduct all the shipping costs..but no matter how much money this car has *taken me for a ride* I could never decide to get rid of it..

I know there is that limit on how much to spend on a car..but think about how much is a new Benz and they are just not the same as the *OLD* days.

a great Benz will never die...*S*

good luck

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