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mos2 caught in oil filter?

I have also done a lot of research on additives, and decided to try mos2 in my 190e 2.6. My real hope was that it would reduce the valve rattle I hear when I first start up in the morning, and that it would help my car run a little cooler on these hot Florida days. I also put water wetter in my radiator after flushing, with a 75% water, 25% antifreeze mixture. I have seen no improvement in my car whatsoever. It is exactly the same. Guys, save your money. Put a good grade oil in your car, and change it often. You might want to try a mature product like Mobil 1, but don't expect to notice any difference. Your long term engine wear should improve however. Keep your radiator flushed and cleaned every year or 2. Some say the mos2 gets captured by the oil filter, others say that they have "solved" this problem. Maybe, but it hasn't increased my gas mileage, made my valves stop rattling at startup, or decreased my coolant temperature (even with watter wetter). You decide, but I'm not going to spend any more of my hard earned money on this stuff. Wayne Reynolds
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