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I have seen some absolutely amazing un-overhauled mileages listed on a Transmission thread today, and I got curious:

What mileages have you gotten from engines before overhaul? And what kind of money did you sink into repair if you had to rebuild?

I have an '88 190e 2.3 with 116,000 miles on the clock, with a pretty hard shift but no overhauls. I was quoted roughly $1600 (US) for tranny overhaul, which they didn't considered necessary at this time.

My dad recently had to replace a head gasket and cooling hoses on a '93 190e 2.3 at 80,000 miles - but there were mitigating circumstances. This repair was what I consider pricey at $1500 (US).

I'd be interested to hear some figures on the 300E/124 series cars -- I hope to purchase one at some point.

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