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I was just checked out the fastlane for brake discs (rear for 1986 420SEL) they have ATE, Balo and Brembo (prices increase in that order). Which should I use? Price is no concern as they are all pretty cheap and the rear rotors last a long time. I don't know what I have on the front, dealer put them on for me last summer. Will what I have on the front affect what I need on the back? Are the Brembos more high performance and if I don't also have Brembos up front will that create some kind of braking imbalance? What about ATE and Balo, which is better? Any other considerations (my mechanic will be putting them on, I'll buy them myself because they are cheaper here. Also, if the ATE and Balos are OE, do they come in the new MB box with holograph seal?

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