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I think I get the point now. The more I think about what Steve says the more it make sense that it would be just as cheap in the long run to let my mechanic get my parts for me and then if there are any problems he can take care of it. I was mainly keen on ordering from the partsshop because I've gotten alot of help from this forum and thought buying from the parts shop would be a good way to say thanks. Plus that free shipping for the next 50 people to order deal sounded too good to pass up. I never really thought I be putting my own mechanic slowly out of business. The reason I go there is because I get work done just as well as at the dealer, I don't have to wait for four weeks for an appointment, they use the same parts, and are much more friendly. I guess I prety much owe it to them to give them what they are worth, inclulding profits on parts. I also want to appologize to Steve, it wasn't my intention to tick you off, I just just wasn't thinking and I'm sorry to get your Sunday off to a rough start. I do appreciate all the help you given me on this forum over the past few years.

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