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If there is still "some" pressure left in it, and you knew it has been leaking steadily by slowly since the car was built, I'd estimate that it's be pretty hard to detect the leak source. Yes, i assume it's low on freon too, only a set of gauges will tell you that, UNLESS someone can tell you how to use the control panel as a pressure indicator, which i believe it will do (has a diagnostic mode, try doing some research on that before buying anything or before proceeding much furhter with diagnosing the problem).
There is of course the possiblity that you've suffered something worse, like a rapid leak you weren't aware of, like maybe a small puncture to the condensor (out in front of the radiator).
THANK YOU for serving our Country.
My bro in law in FL served for 21 yrs, incl far east Asia. Was stationed for a couple years in MI at the now-closed KI Sawyer SAC base, I spent most of one summer up there, '72 i guess it was, saw some shot-up buffs back from se Asia.

PS ask Bill (blackmercedes) if he knows how to access AC diagnostic mode to get a pressure reading and what reading he'd consider normal. It will read in BAR, that I do know
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