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Originally Posted by Arthur Dalton
I see no s25/5 , but s25/11 feed from 12.

There is an idle rpm ,min 600rpm, with a 10 sec delay input at pin2.
Do you show that?????????/
Okay. S25/11 & S25/5 as well as S25/3 are quasi same function just different engines and/or years.

My pin #2 goes to X29/4 (1-pole test coupling) and then to N8 (Control Unit - Idle Speed Control). This N8 has the K1 overvoltage relay, L3 Starter Ring Gear RPM Sensor, and two ELR related devices connected to it. Not certain how the Idle Speed Control Unit works into the overall scheme of things. Actually, I haven't even located it in my vehicle yet.
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