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Originally Posted by Arthur Dalton
I have that info
I meant :
What pins on the ICE CUBE relay are coil and what are Contact switch??
The coil pulls in the contactor , so we know we need the contactor on pins 5 and 7 to get power to the C Clutch.

So, I need to know which are coil/contactor on ice..not on klima
Not being certain what signifies the coil/contactor I am going to try to provide a readable schematic below:

86 87 87a
o---, o o
| [=/=]-->-------/
o---' o
85 30

The [=/=] appears to be the coil??? Pin numbers are above & below the "o" pins. Pins for 86 & 85 tie to the [=/=] using , & ' respectively.
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