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Talking A Happy Ending

I installed the new Evap Temp Sensor. It was a pain to find, sadly I will admit it took me several hours just to locate the dang thing, and it was right in front of me the whole time(thanx Len and Steve) The dissassembly of the bottom panel was the easy part; only taking about 10 mins referencing this excellent thread here need advice on removal of underdash panel & r/v mirror assembly of '97 c280

I fumbled around with the on-board diagnostics using the thread here

210 chassis climate control problem

which, from what I understand is for the E-Class w210.

My C230 on-board diagnostic reset was a little different, i.e. I didn't have to add 16 to the P2 value, and my 98 does not have split left and right climate controls like it seems to refer with the EClass, but like I said after I fumbled around a bit, and checked if it did the trick, I can happily say that the EC light is now off and the A/C...whewwwWW it was sadly missed!!

So in summary:

Bought the Evap Sensor from the dealer =$47.17(cheaper online $39.55 if you can wait a couple days)
Disassembled the bottom driver-side underpaneling.

Replaced Sensor
Reset the on-board diagnostics

I don't know what I would have paid for the fix at the dealer, but I imagine I saved a BUNDLE. Total cost to me:
Sensor =$47.17Contribution from fellow members=priceless
Approximate time to accomplish= 1 hour (considering u locate the sensor)

Anyone who happens upon this thread feel free to shoot me a message and many thanks to ALL who contributed to this success story, especially Sokoloff, Stevemlb.

Eglin AFB, FL
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