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Dear Benzophiles,
My 91 300TE 4M has been out of service waiting for a part since 2/13/01. So maybe the part wasn't ordered for a day or two. But how on earth can this part take so long to get here?
The original part was replaced in December because it was leaking. So when this part went south in Feb. MB insisted on doing the R&R even though an independent shop did the work in December. I thought that was a stand-up thing for MB to do. Sort of a "My part broke under waranty, I'll stand by it and fix it to boot." type of gesture. Doggone swell of them. Only where is the part?
Here's the info from the part box label:

A 124 350 40 57
911/05937 MADE IN GERMANY 060

The MB dealer in Bellevue WA, Barrier, on two seperate occasions, gave me two pick-up dates. Upon arriving to pick her up I was told, sorry, the part wasn't in yet. Aaaagggghhhh. They then said it would be done on Wednesday the next week 21 Feb. When I showed up on Wednesday early after noon they said the part wasn't due till the next Monday. When I called on Monday they informed me the part wasn't due till the 2nd of March, 5th of March at the latest. I checked last Friday in vain hope of its arrival and was told it wasn't due until April 5th!
Someone tell me this is ok. This is normal. They say they're picking up my car rental and all related charges but I'm beginning to think I should get it in writing. Any thoughts, ideas, recommended action, etc. would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Hazen Arnold
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