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I normally use Mahle-Knecht or Hengst Oil Filters since that's what most local parts shops carry. The other day I was sold a Mann W719/5 for my '91 300-SEL. I seemed to recall having seen a different Mann part # for my car.

Got on the WEB and did some digging. Sure enough, the M103 motors use Mann Oil Filter W719/13; not W715/5. What's interesting is that the Mann W717/5, W719/13; W719/15 are identical in length and O. D.

I suppose the difference has to do with bypass valves/check valves, etc.

What affect would it have to run a Mann W719/5 or W719/15 on an M103 motor vs. the prescribed W719/13? I have no intention of doing so. I'm simply curious about the internal differences. Thanks for your time.
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