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Originally Posted by MedMech
First off I never said I completly agreed with the way the Admin has, is or will handle the war.

I don't want to do more squabbling over little BS but read this statement closely.

KERRY: Today marks a tragic milestone in the war in Iraq. More than one thousand of America's sons and daughters have now given their lives on behalf of their country, on behalf of freedom in the war on terror. And I think that the first thing that every American wants to say today is how deeply we each feel the loss.
If you don't agree with them, then feel free to join those of us who feel that agreeing with him may cost us our kid's lives, and help to vote the misguided stooge out. The way this man is waging this war somply does not fit what we are up against. We are expending vast resources fighting non-terrorists while these guys grow stronger. We need to change our priorities.

My Dad said something I am sure you might agree with. This whole thing changes the day a single terrorist can smuggle a bag full of sawed-off 12 ga autoloaders into a school gymnasium. The people who want to do just that are not being addressed with the magnitude of resources it will require to prevent just that.
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