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Thanks Benzmac,
I was thinking about just driving it too until more symptoms showed up. I'm just a bit leery about ignoring anything that sounds unusual in a car. I've made that mistake before and it cost me extra money and bother, so I thougt I'd best ask.
Yeah, this '87 is an automatic, I wish it would have been a 5 speed but I'm very pleased with the car. Outside of the brake shudder and the hum, the car is super nice, flawless comes to mind to describe the body and interior except the carpets and floor mats that show a little wear.
I'm taking it to the insurance adjustor tomorrow to see about replacing those two or 3 plastic pieces of the AMG body kit that the exploding tire caused cause to fly off or break . I'll probably keep my appointment with the technicians at RBM in Atlanta too. It's very hard to get an appointment with those guys. I hope this does not mean that MBs are so unreliable that the mechanics are always overloaded.

Thanks again,
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