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As bizarre as it is, my whole motor assembly is not located there to the right of the glovebox. There is no rubber hose and no wiring.

I wonder if mine was relegated to the lower kickpanel to where it was moved in '88 when the glovebox went away in favor of the airbag.

Anyone have a '87 420SEL and can confirm that the sampler blower motor/aspirator is there?

Re: MBTJC: I heard from others that the motor will continue to run, but if the suction isnt strong enough at the end, it wont matter. Strangely...I have a car with the glovebox removed and no sensor and you have a bad sensor. Sorry that I cant just send my replacement your way. Of course, if I find out that I've got no unit to replace, I may have a brand new unit for sale.


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