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Do it by the Book

Greetings All,

Although most of my vehicles are gas powered, the exception being my recently acquired new Mercedes toy. Do it by the book guys. I've changed tranny fluid religiously in all my vehicles and can't say enough about how it made the difference. I had a 1984 cougar that shuddered at 55 MPH and even though the ford mechanic spent all day checking from driveshaft to wheel balancing trying to figure out the problem, new tranny fluid and filter as well as draining the torque converter made it all go away in a few days. He didn't do it either, I did, and the fluid was red. I have to agree that tranny fluid, although appears red in color even the day you change it at some 30-40 thousand miles, it's time. Don't let yourself be fooled into believing that crap floating around in your tranny fluid is good for the clutch packs or anything else but the trash. Change the fluid, filter and if possible drain the torque converter as well. Keep your Benz running and shifting right.

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