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Damned Oil

Hi folks,

Ordered some valve stem seals,(KY Bill and Super Turtle), oil filler cap (had some oil there too), valve cover gasket and fuel filters. Picked up some DFC and added a bottle to my tank for the first treatment. Will replace the seals, etc in the next couple of days. Should be a hoot! I'm also going to look into that banjo rascal and see what I have there as there are just some plain old performance issues. Will take care of the fundamentals first. Thanks to all for advice, part numbers,Valve stem replacement procedures, locations of Redline dealers(Longston, what gear is this Suzuki in?) and encouragement. Finally got the DFC at Pep Boys. Hate the location. Just waiting to get creamed pulling out of there.
Larry, as usual you are our lighthouse for all things diesel. Will you marry me? I'm sure you get that alot. I searched on "LarryBible" "marry" and got 62 hits. Pretty good. "Mcamara" "dumbass" got 65.

About the turbo. Searched on "boost" and found a post about 0-60 times and the turbo really kicking in at 2500 rpm. Mine shifts at 2500. Suggestions?


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