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I put an ohm meter on the Air Flow Sensor on a 300E.
I get inconsistent readouts, and jumpy readings. I am
assuming there is crud on the wipers of the potentiometer
inside. I would like to replace it, but cannot find one
at any parts houses. all they sell are Air Flow Meters,
which in the books, point to the intake housing that the
fuel distributor mounts on.

The car looses power AFTER a quick stop. Then it seems to
run 'rich', for a mile or so, then "jumps" to full power.
(Disconnecting the ESH solves the problem, but then I have
no cold-start ability.) An eratic Air Flow Sensor seems
logical to this problem. True? Or other sensor? (The
computer has been replaced, and did not solve the problem.)
The only thing that abated the problem ws to spray "Gummout"
in the Air Flow Meter throat/hinge area (near the A/F Sens.)

Any place I can locate a "Sensor".??? Or repair the one
I have???

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