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The whole thing doesn't have to be removed?

Greetings Super Turtle,

Your name of course seems to describe my car. Slow up hills and slow to accelerate. Hopefully I can find enough things to fix that will cure some of those problems. Hard to know what to expect out of it performance wise to judge if I am wasting my time or working in the right direction.

As far as the vacuum pump is concerned, don't know if your is the same or not but mine has a bell shaped housing screwed to the block, then on the end it has another smaller bell screwed to the first one, where it seems the diaphragm is located, I hope. After the first two bell housings that are screwed together there seems to be a rectangular plate on the end that is screwed to the smaller bell. Any idea whats behind it? Is it something else I should be replacing or is it a check valve of some sort?


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