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thanks for the opinion. You have "seconded" every person who works on mercs for a living that I have talked to around here (Chicago)..their advice is the same as yours: DON'T DO IT! springs/8mm pads/17" wheels/etc no no no

reading this board b dangerous sometimes..

My friend is a merc mech at a local dealer: he advised against it too, sez a lot of mercs are showing up like this and a little while later, the customers are wondering why they did it in the first place..

another thing is where you live: a northern usa city has streets full of big ass potholes..just the thing for some 45 profile tires. I began to see where the posts are coming from on the lowered cars..the south..Cal..where the roads are better and smoother. ahh well.

so, the informed consensus here in Chicago seems to say ok..go to a 205x55x16 on 7.5x16 wheels, but that is it for ride/comfort and alignment-ability. do you agree?
again, thanks for a voice of experience.
John Pazdan
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