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300 E seat motor problem

I have a friend with a problem (1986 300 E) driver's seat back rest. It will lean back but will not come forward when the switch is pressed. There is no noise when I press the switch. The seat itself will move either back or forward with no problems. The head rest also works.

There seems to be three motors under the seat - round bright canisters with
a black cable coming out of the center of each end. I removed all the screws that fix the seat to the base and can now move it around but it is still attached to all the cables, which come up from the floor.

It seems that there is a drive rod in the black sheath that goes up into the back rest near the hinge at the tunnel side of the seat. Unfortunately I can't see how to get at the rod. The seat is upholstered and I see no way to remove it to get at the area of that hinge.

Does the seat cushion come off the frame? That would be useful for getting at the motors.

I bought a Haynes manual but is is useless.

Comments much appreciated.


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