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300te 4-matic

So, as stated by another poster, the 4-matic is probably a no-no on a used car unless it is very well documented?

Just curious. Found a 1991 300TE 4-matic with 117k asking $12,500.

We didn't have time to drive it, but it everything looked/sounded great. Seats were a little worn, maybe the heated seat option caused them to dry out?

Anyway, if we get serious about this car, I was going to take it to the shop and have them check it out.

Is there a way to tell if the 4-matic is worn or tired, on it's way out?

And, do all 4-matics have self-leveling suspension or does the self-level apply to wagons in general, not just 4-matics.

Thanks guys!

1994 C280 108k miles
Currently in the shop getting the water pump replaced (didnt have time or tools to do the job myself )-
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