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Originally Posted by Chetbaker

i get a little confused on these boards because some on here say "$3000 is WAY too much" and others say "snatch it up!"

This is good. It means that some of us think the vehicle is worth less than $3K and some think that it is worth more than $3K. You are going to wait a very long time to find the vehicle that every single one of us believes is worth more than what the current asking price is.

After you get the PPI, add up all the things that you feel that you need to do to it and we can probably attach some costs to those things. Then you will know what the vehicle really will cost you.

Some of the $2K vehicles will cost you $6K by the time you get all the "issues" taken care of. You might as well have waited and bought a pristine example for $6K.

Originally Posted by Chetbaker

(by the by...i'm a firm believer in trusting my instincts and this car feels like it's the one - god, this is a car i'm talking about!)
Take off those rose colored glasses. Your instincts have no business in evaluating a used car. Wait until you have received the PPI and then make an informed decision on the vehicle. Many a poor choice has been made due to people falling in love with a vehicle that they know very little about.
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