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Intake Manifold Removal ?

On a 1989 420 SEL, how is the intake manifold removed? I followed the service CD, took out the FD and passage leading to the throttle body, un- screwed all of the screws, removed all of the injector hold-down clips. I tried to pry the manifold up with a pry bar from the front, no luck. I was standing in the engine compartment trying to yank it up, I could not get it to move. It seems like the gaskets have melted or are glued, it just seems to be in there so solid.

Is a hydraulic engine lifter required? Should the rear bolts holding the lift eyes, at the rear remain inplace when lifting the manifold? What are the proper lift points for the manifold? What is the torque on the manifold bolts?

I really want to replace those intake manifold o-rings. Help!!
1989 420 SEL
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