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Took our'67 to first car show

Took our 1967 250S to it's first car show. Was pretty fun! It took 2nd place. Considering everything is still pretty much original, such as paint and interior, we were very pleased that it did so well!

Unfortunately, we took second to a 2004 Mercedes sedan. I'll agree that the '04 is a nice car, but all they did to it was stick a set of rims on it. Where's the comparison between 2 such cars? This, unfortunately, seems to be an ever growing trend in car shows however........

We attend many car shows, and it simply blows me away that people go out, buy a brand new car such as an '04 Mustang, take it to a tire store and buy tires and rims for it, and then take it to a car show and win trophies with it and beat out old classics such as a 1968 Ford Mustang (this happened last night). This just dumbfounds me. How do you compare a 1968 Mustang that has been completey rebuilt and restored (and obviously has countless hours of tlc invested in it), to a 2004 Ford Mustang who's only "upgrade" is a set of tires and rims???? What makes the 2004 "special"??? ANYONE can go our and buy a new car and put rims on it. Woooo. To me, it's just stupid.

Anyway, I'm not saying that newer cars don't have the right to compete. Although I think it's stupid, I would say they definitely have the right. However, I would think car shows should seperate them away from the old "classics". To me, there is no comparison. It's 2 completely different genres.

Anyway, we're not "sore" that we took second. Actually, we're elated. That means this little car should do very well in competitions once it is finished being restored. But it just bothers me that 2 completely different eras of cars compete against each other like that. Even IF our car was already completely restored, where's the comparison? Of course the '04 is flawless!!! It has only 3,000 miles on it since it rolled off the showroom floor! What else would you expect??? It's not so easy to take a car that's almost 40 years old and restore it to "flawless" condition. Everyone here may disagree with me, but I think it's just WRONG.

Anyway, we walked away from the show disgruntled over several of the things they did. For instance, they had a bikini contest. No big deal, right? Wrong!! The "ladies" who competed were obviously strippers, and the "bikinis" they wore were little more that "strings" that barely left anything to the imagination. But what's worse is that they proceeded to "rub themselves" (if you know what I mean), and one even went to far as to pull her top up and show off her boobs. Another stuck her hand down her pants and rubbed herself. Two others got down on the floor together, and started making out and simulating sex acts. Oh brother. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a prude. However, where I come from a car show is a "family affair" and I consider this to be totally unacceptible behavior. There were plenty of kids there too!!! There was one little boy, who was standing about 7 feet from us (probably about 10 years old), and his eyes were about to pop out looking at this fiasco!!

Well, it gets better. The car show had organized an "after hours" party at a local bar, where they were SUPPOSED to have a wet t-shirt contest. For whatever reason, someone got a brilliant idea NOT to have the wet t-shirt contest at the bar, but to have it at the car show instead!!!! So here again are a bunch of kids watching this!! Naturally, these "ladies" wore the very thinnest shirts possible, and believe me, you could make out the freckles on their chest after the water got put on them.

Had I have had my own kids at the show, I would have demanded we be allowed to get our car and leave. I just felt it was totally inappropriate for a "family" type atmosphere. I let my feelings be known to the "administrators" of the show, but they acted like they could have cared less....

Am I alone on thinking that this sort of behaviour at a "family affair" is totally inappropriate???????

Aw well, atleast we got a trophy out of it.......

1967 Mercedes 250S w/ 350 Chevy V8, stock transmission and rear end.
1968 Mercedes 250S w/ 229 Chevy V6, 350 Turbo Transmission with shift kit, and 1981 Corvette rear end.
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