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The only problem I've had removing springs is trying to get them back in as they have a tendency to try to cock to one side, Murphy's law, the wrong way. The large works well in removing McPherson struts and the like but found cumbersome when a spring is deep into a pocket or sleeve. Found that if you compress the spring by jacking that corner of the car, then put a couple of containing hooks on and tighten the slack out, then drop the jack down, that the spring is usually compressed enough to remove it. So then a spring compressor is not really needed. I had a service shop near me trying to get the springs off a Saab (front) and he couldn't get his large compressor in there and borrowed my homemade hooks to remove them...they worked. He asked why you can't buy tools like that? Sometimes the simplest work the best! Just my experiences, no arguments here!

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