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Vynal Dye

Ive used this stuff for years. It is extreemely durable if it is applied to a properly prepared surface. I clean the area to be dyed first with a strong detergent,dry it off then clean it again with laquer thinner and a rag just before spraying on the dye. This softens up the vynal and allowes the dye to permiate into its pores.

I once wsed this dye to change the color of my boat seats from green to red. These seats were exposed to rain and blistering sun every summer for 4 years, then I sold the boat and the seats still looked perfect, not a hint of any green showing through the red.

There are many manufacturers who make good vynal dye.Sem ,Mar Hyde,PPG,and Dupont are a few of them. I suggest Dupont for your application besause they probably have a formula to mix your color(272) to an exact match.If they dont , bring them in a sample of the material you want to match and they will mix some up to match. The smallest quantity they will mix is a pint. It comes ready to spray, no reduction is necessary, however if you are spraying a large area like a convertable top or vynal hard top you propably would want to reduce it slightly and add a little retarder to the mix.

A pint of the dupont should cost about 35.00

Good luck
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