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Exclamation My worst nightmare - possible heater core leak !

I've been reading all previous posts regarding heater issues with the w108 and I think I have to face up to my worst nightmare...

I discovered a small coolant leak coming from the heater unit dripping down on the transmission well !

While under the dash and the engine running(at its operating temp) I openned and closed the heater taps and noticed coolant dripping from them.
So as explained in the previous posts I replaced the gaskets after discovering that the heater taps on the Oz models are at a different place from the US models (they're down low near the transmission well rather than up behind the ash tray or radio). All went well and finished the job in less than an hour coz the taps were so acccessible and NO MORE LEAKS . . . from the taps anyway.

It only lasted for a few days and then started again and I checked the heater taps and they're 100% not leaking!

I had the radiator replaced a few months ago and had it pressure tested again and all checked out fine and no cooling issues.

I'm worried that since the pressure is being maintained in the cooling system the problem is actually moving from one place to the next weakest point so to speak.

Can you please advise if there are hoses that connect the heater core to the pipes that come through the firewall? The MB Star Classic CD is no help with diagrams - just as a last possibility for leaks other than the HEATER CORE.

Can you please advise on how best I can tackle this one.



ps - it's coming into summer here and I've thought about bypassing the heater but I'm just avoiding the issue again.

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