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I think Joe's right, troubleshooting a drive train problem is hard. Could be anything. I had to "renew" most everything in my drivetrain before solving my vibration completely. Wasn't any one item. I think these old diesel Benz's just want to vibrate and to get really smooth ride, you have to take a comprehensive approach. Worth the effort though - mine now rides great.

I personally wouldn't buy a used half shaft. Rebuilt ones from FastLane are $200 and you can spend as little as $129 at local Advance Auto.

Here's my path to smooth ride:

- new motor mounts/transmission mount
- new center bearing and flex discs on drive shaft
- balance drive shaft and rebuild universal joint
- new differential mount
- rebuilt half shafts

Total cost approx $1,200 using local indie shop. DIY'ers can save a lot

'85 300CD @138K
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