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Well, my Dad is finally replacing his '89 Volvo 740 wagon with 160,000 miles on it. It has been an absolutely trouble-free, hassle-free car for him. He is 72 years old, and the last thing he needs is a car that needs frequent repairs or constant maintenance, or that is expensive to keep reliably on the road. He needs a station wagon, and will buy one that is a few years old ('92-'98). Subarus, Audis, and Volvo 850s are too small to carry all the golf bags, yard plants, etc. that he carries in his car, so he needs something fairly large. I really like the 124 300TE, but know little about their day to day reliability, maintenance costs, etc. Diesels are out, as are FWD cars. The alternative is another RWD Volvo; probably a 940 wagon. My Dad needs a car that NEVER dies on the road, with a/c, heat, wipers, etc. that work when they're supposed to, and a big, solid, sturdy feel that only Volvos and MBs seem to have. What do you folks think would be the better car for his needs?
Thanks in Advance!
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