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Originally Posted by LarryBible
There is absolutely no need to replace an O2 Sensor as a preventive maintenance item. If it starts setting a code and turning on the check engine light, then it is time to replace it. Otherwise there is absolutely no gain to be had by replacement.

I have one car with 186,000 miles with original sensors, another with 278,000 miles with original sensor. They both run great and get the same mileage they always have.

If it ain't broke don't fix it. You stand a bigger chance of causing problems by changing it, especially since you will be rewiring the Ford sensor. Put the new sensor in your toolbox and save it for the time when you might need it.

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so what your saying is that even though the manual recommends changing the O2 senson (at least in my 89 300E) every 60,000 miles you dont really need to. the senson isnt made by mercedes... so they would have no reason to want you to change just so they could make more money. i think it is great that your cars have gone as long as they have without changing the O2 sensor but i am sure that with your expertise you have taken extrememly good care of your car. with that in mind i tend to believe that most people dont take care of their cars as well as you do... leading me to believe that the best course of action would be to follow the recommended maintainence schedule as i am sure the car in question was not taken care of as well as yours.

as for the guy putting a Ford o2 senson in a benz... shame on you! spend the money... get the bosch. there is a reason these cars cost so much brand new... and the best way to keep them running that way is to replace the repaired parts with OEM or aftermarket parts made for a benz. a ford part on a benz... WHAT IS THIS, THE JAGUAR FORUM!?
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