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DON'T turn the rotors. Leave them or replace them, if there is sufficient wear to worry there is too much wear to be cut. The pads will do fine on old rotors up till their wear limits.

Remember what I said about a "good press operator"? Other than the special "C" clamp syle dedicated ball joint tool there is no other way. Beating the old joint out is acceptable, beating the new one in isn't. You need to look at the spindle once more to see the problem. The spindle is built around the ball joint and direct pressure can not be transmitted with a standard press. My old timer used to have a billion different bars, cones, tubes, spacers, etc. and he used to jig the spindle and place two bars on each side spaced up so that the bars saton the sides of the joint and the spacer. He would press down in the middle outside the cone of the spindle.

The proper tool pulls the ball joint in with the screw action.

The spindle will have to be removed of course to do all this. The spring is held by the shock and lower control arm during this removal and is not a problem. Getting the two ball joints off there tapered seats without ruining the boots is also tough without special pullers.
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